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If your medical device development project ran into difficult crossroads or met challenging hurdles that may lead to financial decisions, ask SmartPath we support you to succeed.

What we do

We provide specialised services on problem solving for medical devices especially dental startups and medium enterprises facing developmental, manufacturing or regulatory challenges. Also our services helps investors seeking to rescue their investment.

Our primal competence lays in development of implantable devices but also in regenerative devices for soft and hard tissue reconstruction.

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Whatever your work in the medical device development area is, VC partner, majority owner, private investor, startup CEO, VP Product Management, VP RA/QA, etc. We can help you if your responsibilities falls in one of the following business categories.


Business consulting for Investors

We rescue your investment

We perform an honest reality check and provide you with a gap analysis and action plan how to get back on track. If required, we will also help you with the execution according to the action plan.

Service developments for medical device companies

We offer you solutions to respond fast towards market trends

Our core team, being the one who developed so many pioneering technical solutions leading the market trend, is very aware of the needed development updates of dental products as well as process improvements.

Development assessments for medical device companies

We know what you need

If you have a product idea but you are missing critical competences in the development team or you want to outsource parts of your medical device development, we can help you in a range of tasks, from biocompatibility or development assessments towards manufacturing scale up and process improvements.


Our core team has a long term experience in developing medical devices for startups, medium or large enterprises. We know the regulatory and development pitfalls startups can tap into. We also understand the organisational hurdles larger companies may face during the development process. We have brought several devices from bench to mass production by setting up smart manufacturing processes. We are experienced in updating a product portfolio towards MDR compliance.

Our Know-how is truly a foundation on which we can certainly build the necessary new solutions.

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